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Giving Tuesday Strategies

Giving Tuesday Strategies

Originally posted at You probably already know this if you work at a non-comm radio station, but having a year-end giving campaign is vital. A large percentage of annual giving is...

Reverse Engineer Your Digital Strategy

Reverse Engineer Your Digital Strategy

I recently attended the Podcast Movement 2021 conference in Nashville, TN. Many of you reading this right now could have been presenters. Not because of your vast amounts of podcasting experience,...


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Creative Coachcast with Paul Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith and I is discussing all things Podcast Movement 2021, content creation and starting!

The Responsive Fundraising Podcast

I joined The Responsive Fundraising Podcast to share how CURE bridges the giver and good gap by integrating story into every donor touchpoint. We discuss the balance of empathy and explanation during the current crisis moment, how donor experience is the key differentiator in today’s connected economy, and how CURE uses multiple media formats to connect people with their purpose. 





One Digital Idea: Scalable Donor Engagement

If you’re like me you really love practical, quick to implement, easily scalable digital technology that directly helps the bottom line of our ministries!


Should My Radio Station Be On Clubhouse? No! Unless...

Everytime a new digital media channel is released that involves the distribution of audio content, the radio world takes special notice, as it should. The debate begins with whether to create an account, create content strategy and then tell your DJ’s to hop on the latest trend.


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