Helping You Reach A Faith-Based Audience With Digital Ads

I Specialize In Digital Growth Marketing For:


Faith-Based Media

Ministries + Non-Profits

Podcast + YouTube Channels

I love building digital marketing campaigns for faith-based missions.


 Digital marketing & technology is always changing

Are you wasting your time and money?


Imagine having a digital strategy you can clearly attribute ROI to!

Let’s Focus Your Digital Strategy

Step 1: Analyze

Using data, research and my 20 years of digital marketing experience,  I help define your a digital strategy and set clear goals.

Step 2: Ideate

Creativity informed by data! We collaborate to create a clear digital plan by reverse engineering goals using the most current and effective digital tools. (It’s like building with Legos!)

Step 3: Execute

It’s time to ship! I work with your team and/or execute the plan making sure we’ve defined what success looks and iterate fast! It’s digital!

How Can I Help?

I love to collaborate, able to execute and experienced to train your team.

Digital Strategy

20 years of non-profit, radio, and record label  experience


Social Media

Facebook ads, organic content strategy and more!


Content Strategy

Creative, data-informed podcast, video and blog content


YouTube Growth

Growth strategies to reach more people and monetize your channel.

Email Marketing

Lead generation, email funnels and content strategy.

Digital Fundraising

Multi-channel marketing campaigns to enhance on-air fundraising


I help galvanize your team and get everybody in sync with your digital efforts and strategy.

Podcasting Strategy

Podcast creation, launch and optimization.

Thought Leader Doer!

Over 20 years of experience creating and executing measurable digital strategies.

My Experience


Matt’s enthusiasm for projects, depth of knowledge, ability to adapt and passion for our industry are second-to-none. I’ve known Matt for almost twenty years, and his commitment to growing our CCM industry has only increased with time. He’s self-motivated to achieve the best for you. He has my highest recommendation!

Sarah Taylor

SPIRIT 105.3, KCMS - Seattle

Matt is the following: Highly intelligent. Super-positive. Creative. A blast to work with. Open-minded. Always learning. And enormously knowledgeable about the digital space, fundraising, radio – all of it. 

He’s also really tall, but that’s not a big selling point. So focus on the other stuff for now.

HIGHLY recommend working with Matt. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to do it in various contexts. He’s one of the people you want on your team.

Brant Hansen

DJ, Podcaster, Author, Nerd

Matt = Maniacal, Attentive, Transformative, Tactile.  Those begin to sum up what it means to have Matt on your team.  I’ve known Matt for over twenty years, and he’s always been hard-working, diligent, and eager to take on a challenge.  You’ll appreciate his enthusiasm and ability to produce fresh ideas.  He’s got the skills to execute on those ideas as well.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Matt at a couple of different organizations and would gladly do it again.  I highly recommend working with Matt!

Mike Tedesco